Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just Another Saturday At The Labaya's

Yep, just another typical weekend.  Everyone doing their own thing....Jonathan is hard at work on my poor wittle car.  He drives it to work since it is better on gas mileage than his Tundra.  However, on his way home Tuesday night, it died on the highway while he was driving home.  A $55 tow fee later, it was home waiting for him to work on this weekend.  He thinks it is the fuel pump but unfortunately, he has a day of troubleshooting ahead of him.  Hopefully he gets it fixed though because I am going stir crazy cooped up in this house.  I ran out of tea on Thursday and couldn't get any!  Besides Chunky is really missing me driving her to school and I really need to get to the gym next week.  I need the steam room! ;)

Chunky had her BFF Myra over last night and after going to bed at like 4 a.m., they are now up at 10:45 this morning and eating the breakfast tacos I got for them when I went out to get that tea I was out of from the grocery store.

I have the curtains open leading out the sliding door to our backyard and the Bassetts,  Maggie and Buster, are pacing out on the patio hoping someone will come out to play.  Actually, Maggie who is a HUGE titty baby is whining and crying a ridiculous amount today.  She seems to know when her Daddy is home and thinks this is going to get his attention.

And me?  Well, I just finished making this scrumptious looking Layered Pumpkin Cake!

And now I am about to start working on organizing my digi stash supplies that I have downloaded over the last week.  Some of them have been scrapped with and some of them were things I bought or freebies I found (more on this below) for using later.  I have a total of about 100 files to organize! does this happen so fast?

I didn't get a chance to do any more layouts this week as I spent most of my day yesterday redesigning my blog.  What do you think?  Pwetty, isn't it?  I absolutely LOVE it!  It suits my personality perfectly.  I think it's my fave blog I have ever had.  And it was SO EASY to do.  No idea why I haven't done it sooner.  I hope you all like it too!

I had so much fun sharing with you the other day the great finds I have come across in digi land that I thought I would share with you a few more I have found!

Lita, of Litabells Designs is having a great sale!  You have to enter the coupon code at checkout to get the deal.  You can check out the details and see her latest kit on her blog HERE.

Darcy announced the details of her So You Think You Can Font Challenge 3.  Man, after seeing the winners from previous years...I don't know that any of mine are good enough to enter!  LOL

Have you heard of Little Green Frog Designs?  If not, you don't know what you are missing!  This girls templates are phenomenal!  I mean seriously.....just look at some of these that I fell in love with.

And that's just two of them!  She has a store full of great products and they are all even CU ok so you designers out there can use them for creating quick pages!  

I perused her blog and grabbed all the freebies!  Here they are and all linked to their original posts on her blog.


Of course, I have no idea how long those downloads will be available but, if you happen to miss these, keep checking out her blog for more goodies both in her store and free samples.

And lastly today I want to leave you with some AMAZING inspiration.  I have become quite the fan of zoebearsmom.  I swear she creates some of the most beautiful layouts!  Here are a few that she has done that have left me with my jaw open.

The colors in this are simply amazing, so fresh and fun.  And I love all the bits and bobs she put together from various designers to create this.

This photo.....seriously?  I mean how fantastic is it?  And I LOVE the blended text stamp on the left lower side.  Gorgeous.  

Look at all of the attention to detail in this one!  I mean all of the tiny scattered elements are just phenomenal!

All of the images are linked to the original image in her gallery and HERE is a link to her gallery at DST and here gallery at Me So Scrappy is HERE.  Not only is this girl an AMAZING scrapper, she has got some mad photo skills too!  Sigh......

Well friends, that digi stash is calling my name so I better get to it.  I won't feel like I can start creating layouts again until I get all of that organized and I already see some great things in the works from my designers next week!  I will be back in a few days with more gibberish ;)!  

Have a great weekend!  Hugs!


Stefanie Eskander said...

You are a busy girl! So much fun to read your blog and see so much inspiration!

Tiffany said...

Your blog looks great! I love zoebearsmom's layouts, too!

Trista said...

Your blog is purty! I wanted to drop in and say thankies for sharing some Lita love! I too adore Andrea's fabby temps and oh zoebearsmom's gallery is very inspiring. You rock for sharing her stuffs! ;)

NeeNee said...

Thanks everyone! Glad you like the new look and thanks for stopping in and saying "hi"!