Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting Organized

I have a confession, I am not the most organized digital scrapbooker.  My files are a big mess.  I have stuff stashed in random places and folders all over my EHD.  I have the original spot where I started putting things back when I started digital scrapping in 2008.  Then in early 2010 I decided I needed to restructure and get more organized so I started a new system, swearing I was going to go back and bring those older files into the new system. Finally, back in April of this year I started yet another new system!  So that brings me up to the current mess - 3 separate areas using 3 different systems of organization.  What a mess, right?  I have the hardest time finding anything I am looking for and I am really tired of not being able to mix and match bits from different kits, etc. on my layouts.

So today I buckled down and said enough is enough!  I started with something simple, my ALPHAS.  I took the  alphas from the two old locations, purged and cleaned up the folders and put them in their new, highly organized home.  I spent 5 hours working on this today!  I have to admit though that it feels really good!  So good that I have decided that I am going to get all of my supplies organized once and for all.
My plan is to spend a few hours a day working on it and hopefully have the project complete by the end of October.  

While perusing my digi files I also discovered that I have 75, yes 75 kits that are unused.  By the way, that is just kits I have acquired since April of this year!  When I get all of my older files organized that number is bound to triple.  So, I have also decided that I want to get current on my layouts and use up those kits.  My goal is to get these 75 kits used by the end of the year.  I'd love to be more aggressive but, these layouts will have to be done in addition to my creative team responsibilities so I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.

I plan to drop in and update my blog with my progress on both of these tasks.  Maybe you too need to give your files some attention and get yourself more organized.  If so, join me!

Before I sign off (my eyes are going wonky from staring at this computer all day) I want to post a few layouts I have done recently.

Puppy Love using I {Heart} Cupcakes Kit and Alpha by Thaty Borges and Gimme Layers Vol 16 by Cluster Queen Creations.

First Moments using Pickles and Ice Cream by Libby Pritchett and Fall Flavors: Apple Cider by Busy Bee Designs

First Week 9th Grade using Life Changing by Captivated Visions and Sassy Starters Vol 9 by Nanie's Designs

Bliss using Sunny Side by Melissa Bennett and Solos Part 2 by Busy Bee Designs

Happy Loving You using Choose Happiness by Shawna Clingerman and Kristin Cronin Barrow and For The Love of Photos Vol 2 Grab Bag by Cluster Queen Creations and Little Green Frog

Letting Go using The Beginning Is Now by Shawna Clingerman and Lauren Grier as well as May Flowers Freebie by Busy Bee Designs

All of the images are linked to my gallery at DST so you can link up to the products I used if you see something you like! 

I will be back soon to update on my progress.  Hope you have a great day!


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I have 30 unused kits. Though that is down from 38 last month. I decided not to buy anything new until I used up half those kits.
So now my wish list is huge. :)

NeeNee said...

Ha ha....that's the way it goes it seems. I set out to get caught up but whatever list you are whittling away at always seems to grow back. ;)