Friday, October 28, 2011

December Daily

Have you ever heard of Ali Edwards December Daily project?  Have you done one?  I set out to do it two years ago in December 2009 with the best of intentions.  I bought this album:
I even started gathering the contents of it that I was going to use.  I just never made it past the planning stage.

For nearly two years it has all just sat in a pile in my studio.  Well, I have gotten a wild hair again and I have promised myself and my family that I will do it this year!  I have a really cute idea planned for my cover but, I don't want to spoil the fun so I won't be posting how it turned out until after it's done (and let's hope it's presentable! lol)

In my album, I have plans for a few things already.  A few years ago we did a fun family project a day with activities such as making homemade Wassail, making Chocolate Covered Cheesecake slices on a stick (they looked like Xmas trees!), making Pecan Tassies and much more!

Here are a few layouts documenting our activities that year.

So, I plan to do that for all 31 days this December.  I am still looking for good ideas for activities though so if you have some I would love to hear them.
So far we have these planned:
Chocolate Covered Cheesecake
Watch Xmas movie as a family
Play a board game together
Pecan Tassies
Homemade Sugar Cookies
A trip to Starbucks
Drive to see Xmas Lights
Decorating the tree

I also have planned for us to do a Gratitude Tree that I found out about on Pinterest.  I will have it ready for us on December 1st and each day we will each grab a pre-cut circle and write one thing or two or three that we are thankful for.  In my album when the month is over, I will put all of our little thankful tidbits in a protective sleeve in the back.

Here are a few specific products I am picking up as well.

I know there will be several more I will add to my supplies for making my album ultra special but, so far this is it.  Besides the little bits of stuff I have from 2009.  

I plan to photograph the process as much as possible and share my journey with you on my blog along the way.  

If you haven't heard of the December Daily project and are interested, here are some great links to provide you with more information.
HERE is a link to all the posts in the December Daily category on Ali Edwards blog.  You can literally spend hours and hours there.
HERE is a link to the Flickr group that Ali has started for the December Daily 2011.
And HERE is just a Google search I did of December Daily and just look at all the inspiration it pulls up!
And finally HERE is a link to Ali Edwards site where you can find a ton of inspiration, I mean this girl ROCKS!

So, what do you think?  Are you inspired?  Will you be joining me in a December Daily project this year?  Remember - it is YOUR story so you can tell it how you want to whether it is simplistic or more elaborate.  If you will be doing one, I would love to follow your process too!

Look for more posts soon with updates on my album and our December activities!

Until next time.....HUGS!