Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Life: Weeks 1 and 2

To say I am excited to finally be posting this a SERIOUS understatement!  You can not believe the utter joy I feel for having finally completed two weeks worth of my Project Life.  I was so very slow getting started because as you know, I was overwhelmed for awhile due to an overload of inspiration and instead of it kicking my motivation and creativity into gear, it instead left me not even knowing where to begin.  However, this week I set time aside over a 3 day period and made myself focus and get it done.

One area that I do not have a problem and haven't fallen behind on (so far) is printing and inserting my pictures.  It has now become a habit for me that each Sunday morning, I get up and send my photos off to Walgreens to the one hour photo.  My husband and I then pick them up later that day while we are out grocery shopping and as soon as I get the groceries put away, I start cropping, rounding corners and inserting my photos.  All I lack each week then is added any memorablia, journaling and creative little accents.

I want to point out too that I am really trying to keep my Project Life as simplistic as possible when it comes to work that I find tedious.  I do not enjoy editing photos, so.....none of my photos are edited to improve color, lighting, etc. (as of  right now anyway, I will let you know if I ever do edit them in the future).  They are snapped with my very cheap, old point & shoot Sony Cybershot camera.  I will tell you that I honestly can not stand my camera.  I want to throw it out the front door sometimes.  LOL I upload them to my camera and send them off to be printed....that's it!  When I decided to do Project Life, I knew I wanted to get back into paper scrapping so I am really enjoying spending the bulk of my time working more on my creative additions to my pages.  So, I apologize in advance if some of my pictures are not so snazzy, especially the ones where I photograph my pages!  The ones you see here in this post are my 2nd attempt!  I finally decided they would have to be good enough.  Hopefully, I will get better at photographing these shiny page protectors as the year goes on OR my amazing hubby will buy me a better camera.  I am hoping for the latter.  ;)

Now, onto my pages!  Woohoo!  OH, there are just a few little things I still need to do to these pages and that is add a few tiny little staples here and there when my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher comes in next week.  But, that little tiny adjustment was not enough to keep me from sharing these.


I use a Pfaff 2144 to sew all of my goodies on.  Sometimes I use a zig zag stitch but most of the time it is just a straight stitch.  I use a regular Sharps 80/20 needle and I have one specifically set aside just for "paper" sewing so I change it out when I want to sew on fabric.
On the red journal card, I went to my daughter's Facebook wall and grabbed something she had posted as a filler for the week.  

When I was at Tokyo restaurant, I grabbed 2 of the chopsticks packages off of the table and then I cut the paper packaging on them so that I had the logo and the address of the restaurant to sew to a journal card.

I tied the orange bow and then just did a stay stitch on top of it using my sewing machine to hold it to the paper and bingo card.


I have two grown children who do not live at home anymore and it is important to me that they are included in my Project Life album so I grabbed a few pictures off of one of my daughter's Facebook pages this week.

As a filler, I grabbed The Biggest Loser logo off of the internet and printed it out to use on a journal card.

The "Fight Everyday" was my quote for the week.  I actually wrote the card at the beginning of the week and stuck it up on my fridge for motivation all week.
I also included a quote from my daughter as a filler this week.

We ate dinner out one night at Whataburger and tried their new Spicy Ketchup for the first time.  It was actually my husband's idea to save the peel off top.  I sewed it on a french fry box and the receipt from our meal is tucked in behind the box.

Here are some specific supplies that I used for weeks 1 and 2.

I could not find an acceptable place to link you up to the following items online. Most of them are very inexpensive things that I grab while out shopping. I am a very thrifty shopper and hardly ever buy anything regular price!

Colorbok Sticky Journal Stax: Black & White: Michael's on clearance.
Studio G Alphabets (I used 2 different ones): Walmart
Studio G Chalk Pads: Walmart
Studio 112 Die-cut Stickers: Joann's
Studio G Snowflake Stampe: Walmart
Sunny Side Up Doilies: Hobby Lobby {You can find similar ones at your local grocery store or at your local craft storein the baking section)

Here is where you can find my blog post listing the basic (general) supplies that are used throughout most of my album:
An Introduction to Project Life - 2012

For those of you doing Project Life, how is it going for you?  Are you staying caught up?  Link me to your pages if you share them publicly, I LOVE show and tell!

Hope you all have a great weekend!