Thursday, February 2, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and is looking forward to their weekend....tomorrow is Friday.  Woohoo!  I guess I am looking forward to our weekend although, we have a motorcycle club meeting on Saturday and then a Super Bowl party to go to on Sunday so....if I am being honest, not so much. I am such a home body that I actually prefer a nice, relaxing weekend with no plans. Especially when I am still recovering from being sick for thirteen days!  It is a super long story so I will try to keep it short and just hit the major details. I woke up on the 20th of January with major pain in my right ear and a feeling like I was underwater where I could hear my breathing and my voice in my own ear.  I was first told a Eusthacian Tube Dysfunction when I went to the minor emergency clinic and put on Mucinex D, Flonase and Zyrtec.  Four days later I still wasn't feeling well so I went to my primary care doctor and was told I had a slight redness in my ear and they had me take Prednisone and an antibiotic for five days while continuing the other medications.  Well, as of Monday I still wasn't feeling well.  I went to see an ENT and he believes it is most likely a jaw issue since there was no fluid in my ear, no drainage, etc.  He put me on an anti-inflammatory and a pain medication.  Finally, some relief has started to set in.  I feel a little bit better each day in regards to the pain and the feeling in my ear as though I am underwater or in a barrel is slightly less.  I am still very nauseated and dizzy however.  I guess my next step is a visit to a dentist to try and figure out if this is in fact something associated with my jaw.  I am worried that the medications are simply masking the issue and I am not really getting well.  However, I am too happy with feeling better to stop taking the medications to find out!  I just keep going to bed each night and waking up the next morning hoping that it will be the day I get to say I am back to being me!

I wanted to just share a few layouts with you today that I have done since I last blogged about my layouts.  I want to make sure and draw your attention though to the kit that I used for this first layout, Rejoice.  The kit is a three designer collaboration that can be purchased this month only at My Scrapbook Art's magazine, Home Is Where The Art Is for only $1.99.  The collaboration kit is called A New Day and was created by Secret Stash, Ziggle Designs and MLE Card.

Here is what this amazing kit looks like:
After February, the kit will go into the designer's stores and will be sold at regular price which will probably be triple that price!  Here is the layout I did using A New Day:

by Secret Stash, MLE Card and Ziggle Designs (February Art Social at MSA)

My Kindle Fire
Techno Love Bundle by Chelle's Creations
Winter Flavors: Vanilla Spice by Busy Bee Designs

Extraordinary Value Bundle by Secret Stash Designs
Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Busy Bee Designs
part of the MScraps Collaboration

I did finally finish my Weeks 1 and 2 of my Project Life album and I am nearly finished with the title page.  Boy does it feel good to part of it completed.  I will blog those soon, I promise because I am sooo excited to share with everyone finally what they look like!

I am off to eat dinner and spend some time with the family.  I hope you all have a great day!  Until next time - hugs!