Monday, July 4, 2011

Making A List

I mentioned in my initial post that I might be using my blog to write out my day's agenda so I think I will try that out today.  I may or may not come back and update what I got done.  Or I may just post tomorrow or the next day and say, "Hey, I knocked out x, y and z on my list".  Although, my list is much longer than x, y and z, I assure you!  LOL

So, here is what's up for today:

Run - done!  Did 4.32 miles today!  My farthest distance so far and with an 11:48 pace.  Not too shabby.
Dishes - done!
Water flowers - done!
Make bed - done!  (major OCD on this it everyday!)
Delete 35 peeps on Facebook - done!
Block 50 followers on Twitter - done!
*I am going through and deleting and blocking people on these apps whom I have no idea who they even are.    Will be doing this daily until I narrow it down to just my friends whom I normally interact with.

Back to list:
Order some 1 hour photos from Wal-Mart - done!
Write letters and mail to my 7 Airmen - done!
Layout for MSS - done!
Layout for Thaty - done!
Delete old photos and load new ones on DH's slide show pic frame - done!
Fold laundry - UGH! - done!
Prep coffee for tomorrow - done!

And that's about it I think.  DH grilled us some pork fajitas yesterday that we will heat up for leftovers for lunch and then it's a salad for dinner so I don't have any cooking to do.  Woohoo!

I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July!  I am thinking of my baby girl today, she is currently at Basic Training in the US Air Force.  She started Beast Week today so, it's going to be a rough week for her!  They live in tents, eat those little bags of food for breakfast and lunch (those things are 3000 calories each! geez!) and basically are treated as if they are "at war".  Say a prayer for her if you do that or just keep positive thoughts for her.  This is a real test of her abilities, strength and courage.

Until I see you again......