Saturday, July 16, 2011

I hope to inspire become a healthier you

Today I ran 5K.  I started running back in April of this year with the Couch to 5K program.  The last 5K I did was with my USAF Airman daughter in February of this year with a 52 minute walk time.  I ran today's race in 36:54 (11:54 pace) and took 5th place in my age group.  I have Fibromyalgia which prevents me from running to train some days when mentally I really want to.  I have arthritis in my right knee.  I spent nearly two years sitting on the couch letting myself be run by my ailments.  However, in spite of these ailments that I could let hold me back, I said no more will I be a victim and I push myself to give my very best on the days I can.  I have a long way to reach my goals but today I hit a major milestone.

I ran this race for one was held at Lackland Air Force Base where my oldest daughter is currently doing her Basic Military Training.  She graduates in 5 days.  I did it on the slight chance that out of 600 Airmen, I *might* get a glimpse of her.  I walked 3 times on my last mile so I could let some female flights (they ran in formation) catch up to me in hopes I would see her that way.  Once the race was done, my husband (who ran the 5K also) and I found her.  We sat in bleachers far enough away that we weren't obvious but close enough that we could see her and she could see us.  She was sitting with her back to us about 500 yards away on the pavement below but glanced back several times to smile at us.  After not seeing her for 8 long weeks, she was beautiful and looked very healthy.  I was so proud of her, just seeing her in that environment.

I never in a million years expected to win an award so I was pretty far from the awards table.  When my name was called, I got up and ran to the awards table, retrieved my trophy and walked quickly back to the bleachers.  There in front of me still sitting on the pavement was my baby girl, wiping the tears from her face and getting pats on the back from her fellow flight members.  All the while, trying to hide it from her TI's.  But, in that moment....I had made my daughter proud of me and that made this achievement more wonderful than just winning the trophy itself.  You see, while she has been gone....I have worked really hard and when I thought I couldn't push any harder or give any more, I think of her and what she is going through and it drives me to give everything I have in me every time I workout.  She is a runner, a cross country runner at that and I really wanted to be a runner, like her.  I idolized her that she was so strong and a fierce competitor.

She left me a she saw me as a runner.  I will never forget this moment.

I hope you can all find your motivation to give your best at becoming physically healthy.  Find what drives you and dig deep.  If I can do this.....I have every faith that you can reach your goals too.


Jaime said...

What an amazing accomplishment! Congrats on the race, and making yourself, and your daughter, so proud.

nie said...

Congratulations, Neenee!! Such a beautiful moment to cherish... to make you and your daughter so proud of you, that's just priceless!!! xoxo